domo arigato Uncle Jesse

Got sick Monday night. Really sick. Like throwing up sick. I never get sick like that. I think it was food poisoning. After a long shift I grabbed a Lean Cuisine since I didn’t want to run into El Loco local grocery and fight the dinner crowds. I blame it on that nasty, tasteless chicken. I hate chicken. I hate dieting. But I do love the 18-20 lbs (keeps fluxuating) which I have lost since Roomie M and I started this (evil) diet about a month ago. (I think being sick helped since I could keep no food down for a day and a half). Now if I can just lose 20 lbs each month I will be tre skinnier by October! We shall see.

So, as a good job for not being sick any more (really just to go out with friends), I went to Little Tree for some sushi. College K was introducing her new beau Uncle Jesse to best friend L&Hubby K. Jesse was named thus because when they first started dating K told me all about this dreamy guy named Jesse, yada yada, and so I named him after Uncle Jesse on Full House. K thought I was calling him Uncle Jesse after the guy on Dukes of Hazard. I don’t know, you dear readers, can decide who is SEXIER!

And while we are on the subject, can I just pause here to say that even when Uncle Jesse (Full House) had a mullet it was kinda cute. And also John Stamos only gets hotter with age. You heard it here. I give him two paws up, "MEOW!"

Anyway the five of us sat around a table and mulled over a menu which consists of Japanese, Thai and Pilipino foods and finally decided on our dinners. It was one of those meals where conversation and laugher were mixed together like soy sauce and wasabi; ranging from mild to explosive, a flavor that is unique to its source and gets stronger with larger doses of exposure. I love my friends. I love California rolls. It was a good night…since I got both.


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