life is good

The library last week was good.

A week off from Summer Reading program meant damage control for next week when the chitlins come back; I am now up to 212 kids for my K-2nd grade programs and have no flipping idea of how many to actually expect at the weekly programs. The library was busy this week; people gearing up for vacations, checking out materials—and that is a good thing. I am frantically trying to get a lot of reading done for the Summer Adult reading program. We are playing Bingo, reading books by genre. My goal is to have three more done by the end of the weekend. We’ll see how that goes. I already got roped into watching Monster Nephew A on Thursday and then best friend K came over for dinner and movie night with Roomie M and I.

First movie: Charlie Bartlett, which was a funny look at one high school boys attempt to be well liked which leads to him becoming the high school shrink and procurer of pills to meet everyone’s needs. As my roommate M put it, “I’d don’t need to see it again but I am glad that I saw it.” It was an entertaining, albeit strange (at times) movie. The pace was confusing, ranging from explosively funny scenes to low points. If you are looking for something interesting and witty—rent it. Robert Downey Jr. is in it and that (if you are like me) might be enough to make you rent it.

The Other Boleyn Girl was umm...well...I don't expect much from Natalie Portman movies. YUCKO! It was mostly about who was scoring with Henry VIII and honestly I could care less about that. I am more interested with world events at the time and the consequent competitions for the throne (guess I should have rented Elizabeth.)

Friday meant that my fam-dango would surface for a bit. We spent the afternoon chatting and munching lunch and I went swimming with Monster Niece and Nephew. Both are digging on the water. Getting brave(r) about jumping right in (literally!)

Friday night Roomie M and I headed to Anchor Bay for some time at her parents' HUGE "cottage," which is bigger than some houses I have lived in! We spent the weekend hanging with her family, eating and drinking good Polish food, sitting and watching a dozen firework displays over Lake St. Clair. Life is good. But weekends like this past one really remind you of that fact.


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