the fatkins diet

Tomorrow marks the end of my first week dieting. I have lovingly named it the "Fatkins Diet." Roomie M and I started a bet: whoever loses more weight by October 12th gets $100 and theater tickets from the loser. (I want to go see Madam Butterfly.)

It is going well. I have already dropped 12 lbs this week. I know there is a skinny person in there somewhere trying to get out.

Losing weight is like trying to quit smoking. You have terrible cravings for the bad things that you were eating that taste so good. I gave up Coke (the drink, not the snortable kind. I mean I never did that kind anyway) and fastfood and starchy, comfort foods like potatoes and bread and pasta and red meat (which I am only going to eat in small quantities) and have replaced those tasty things with obscene amounts of fresh veggies and fruits, hummus, boca burgers, chicken (I dislike chicken) and lots of other not-as-fun-as-doritos things.

So for those of you fellow dieters (who are now also impossible to go out to eat with--"does that place have good salads?"), I thought I would share my dieting triumphs; the things that I am eating which are pretty good.

  • I have replaced coffee with cream and sugar for breakfast with Fiber One yogurt with 2 tbsp. of wheat germ or a bowl of oatmeal with fresh blueberries on top (I dump in about a 1/2 to 3/4 cup) and a small 6-8 oz glass of V8 and one of OJ.
  • Snacks: Veggies! Veggies! Veggies!(with/without hummus--the chive and garlic kind is GOOD!), slice or two of turkey or ham with mustard.
  • Lunches have become lots of salads full of tasty fresh spinach and tons of veggies, topped with tons of protein (chicken, shrimp). I made my own salad dressing with oil and vinegar and mustard. (A tiny bit of maple syrup for sweetening).
  • Snacks again.
  • Dinners have been hodge-podges of salads with grilled chicken or sauted (in olive oil) shrimp, steamed veggies, Boca bean-burgers with deli mustard and fresh veggies on top.

It has been interesting to pay more attention to what goes into "processed" foods and I did a lot of label reading when I went shopping. I used to pay a lot more attention to things like that when I lived out East and worked as a cook on a farm. It is nice to slide back (somewhat) into some of my past good habits.

I went groccery shopping and was proud of how much "healthy stuff" I came home with the other day. Though, I believe in a reward system, so when the day is going good as far as eating really well, I let myself have some Chocolate Silk Milk. It is all soy and tasty. Don't get me wrong it is not better than steak. I am craving steak and bacon and french fries like nobody's business, but I keep reminding myself that I will look good in my new dress that I bought for a friends' wedding which is in two weeks.


JennPav said…
I feel your pain. For like the last three years I have been wondering why I was gaining weight and just couldn't lose it. But then I found out I was diabetic and as soon as I got on the medicine to fix my stupid insulin, I immediately lost 30 pounds. But changing your diet is hard. I outright refuse to drink diet pop. Refuse. Although, some things aren't so bad. Here's some things that helped me and cutting out sugar never hurts anyone.
Wholegrain waffles with sugar-free maple syrup. Not bad at all surprisingly.
Popsicle popsicles, the sugar-free kind, still taste fine.
I have learned to love lemons. Hey, if you can't have sweet, bitter can sometimes offset it. For salads, get some candied walnuts and toss in like three or four. So good and they won't hurt you at all. Fat free plain yogurt doesn't suck when you eat it with good fruits. Have cut up carrot sticks and celery sticks in a glass of water in the fridge.
I also have some great recipes if you want them. I know its not the same, but I have had to rearrange my whole life--- and I'm reallllly not very good at sticking to diets. Good luck and way to go with the 12 pounds! That's a lot!
TSOldtimer said…
Congrats on your big loss! Like you said, you already have the habits to slide into, so slide away!

Oh, but weren't those the days, back East, when we held the keys to everybody's nutrition? Oh, the power! MUWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Wow, that was weird. Ok, back to your regularly scheduled blog comments...
Thanks Jenny! I like the suggestions! Yeah, feel free to post some recipes and put them in my facebook messages!

TSO, evil, but yes, I actually said something similar to that yesterday and evil laughed in front of K and Roomie M. They both just stared and then there was a long awkward pause.

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