a case of the Mondays

Peter Gibbons (Office Space): "Let me ask you something. When you come in on Monday, and you're not feelin' real well, does anyone ever say to you, 'Sounds like someone has a case of the Mondays'?"

Thoughts on a Monday:
  • Ugh! Didn't get good sleep. (This after waking up for the umpteenth day sweating. There is zero breeze in my room. I can't get the fan to point any way useful except on my feet. And Roomie M won't let us turn on the f *$&#!ng air. Her reasons aren't environmental, hers are because she is cheap. I am an environmentalist, but the last few weeks I think, "f$*# the polar bears!"
  • Why won't Toby lick the yogurt off the floor!? Argh. Now I really have to clean it up.
  • I can't find one of my favorite earrings!! Double Argh!
  • This Fiber One yogurt is so good. Although...I don't think I'd eat a lot and then go on a roller coaster.
  • Free pizza at work?! Dieting sucks.
  • This crust is so good. No one needs to know. Now, if only I could have a cold glass of pop! No, no, no.
  • I am so sick of carrots and hummus!
  • The library smells weird today.
  • It is too humid outside. When is it gonna rain?!
  • I wish my life were as exciting as TSO's is lately.
  • Fricking fracking ten year reunion coming up. Should I go? Don't want to, but if I do I can make sure that the people I hated in high school got ugly and beer-gutty with age. Hmmm...what to do?
  • Email from high school friends about reunion/picnic (They added a picnic!!??! As if getting drunk and making a fool of yourself isn't bad enough, let's hang out the next day?!?) All these people I went to high school with have babies or are pregnant. Talk about pressure....hmmm...wonder if Chris is still up for being my BabyDaddy?
  • I hate weddings. Need to buy shoes for wedding this weekend.
  • I hate baby showers too. Need to get presents for baby shower.
  • Why do they call them baby showers? Gross. Babies raining from Heaven...I'd hate to have to run out to my car in that kind of weather. An umbrella would never do.
  • Why do boys have to complicate things?
  • Uranus is a funny name for a planet. Urbutt would be the funny name of an as(s)teroid. Ha ha ha.

Ok, I really need to go back to work. Break is over.


JennPav said…
Great blog! I am totally with you, there is nothing worse than not being able to sleep because you're hot!
-My dog would gladly lick the yogurt off the floor. GLADLY.
-I need to clean too. Am considering gasoline and matches...
-I haven't worn earrings lately. Or anything but sweats. Wow.
-Fiber One yogurt does not sound good. But the cereal's not bad. haha. I guess I'm not a big yogurt fan-- ever since me and Tina and Jennie did our cinema diets... haha.
-How come pizza almost neccessitates a pop? Its not fair.
-I am with you on the carrots as well.
-My house smells weird. See gasoline and matches comment above.
-It sure is humid. Fall can feel free to come anytime. Seriously.
-I'm not going to the reunion. I tried to sound nice about it on the evite. There are only a handful of people I would want to see anyway and I will hopefully get to visit with you and K next time I am home. So that knocks out 50% of it. I don't even remember almost anyone.
-I hate weddings too. Wear cargo boots.
-I've never been to a baby shower. i'm not sad about it.
-Would you rather have it raining babies or raining men? The answer may seem obvious, but imagine if a big Don drop hit you in the eye.
-Okay, I'm done.
OMG! Jenny! Ha ha ha...the idea of a Don rain drop. He still works at the Cinema. Saw his about a month ago when I met my aunt to see a movie out that way. It was weird. I wasn't sure if he couldn't remember me or if he was pretending so we didn't have to talk. I was doing the same. And, I am pretty sure I saw Dicky there too! Weird. Some never leave!
JennPav said…
I just found out Don is engaged! And I don't know if Dicky is still there or not, but I know he had a teaching position at somepoint.
And, I can't really fault people for never leaving-- after my massive identity crisis of 2001. I was literally starting to feel like my only way out of there was to follow this skinny loser who never graduated high school out to Florida. It worked out but the catalyst of events still makes me nauseated to this day... ahhhh the cinema.

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