all is right in the world

Had a freakout moment on Monday with my car Harry. Thought my clutch was going and clutches aren't cheap!! So, after a frantic call to my mechanic bro A3 and some calls to transmission shops around I made two appts for free inspections. Had those to dread on Wednesday.

But, before then I went in to see my friend G.C. for a trial run of a hairdo, since he is doing my hair for a friends' wedding next weekend. There is something about someone else washing and brushing your hair that is SO relaxing. So, after some fun time spent at Daniel's Salon (Rochester Hills--it is lovely. Check it out if you are ever in that area). G.C. and I went and had dinner at Bastone's in Royal Oak! Que divinity! The food was excellent and the bartender even mixed me this lovely vodka, pomegranate and cranberry wonder. My week was improving!

The dreaded inspections began on Wednesday. The first place wanted $850 to gut my transmission and trouble shoot. I left very discouraged and trying to figure out which ovary I was going to sell to get the money for the car repairs. After work I headed
to AAMCO's in Troy to the most wonderful service ever!! It seems seldom these days that service people act like the customer matters. Not the case here. Everyone was great!

They drove my car and inspected everything and came to me with a baffled mechanic who said some of the best words I have ever heard, "I cant find anything wrong with your car!" Followed by some more great words, "You don't owe us a thing. Just do me a favor and bring your car here next time if you have any further problems." You bet I would. The kindly owner Tim is only slightly less wonderful than his dog (a half Beagle, half Chihua) who greets you when you come in. So, if you are ever in that neck of the woods and need transmission work, I heartily suggest you support that shop!!

I felt so happy I could have tap danced to my car (both ovaries in tow--no sales needing to happen) and shot home to meet college friend Stac for a night of dinner, drinks and some shopping. This week has taken a turn for the better since Monday!
Even the diet is going ok, though I firmly believe that all those bad things made me feel a lot fuller than eating healthy. POO! Holding steady @12 lbs lost, though it fluxuates. Gonna get some good working out/swimming in this weekend.
Yes, all is right in the world. Now I need to go win a softball game, so excuse me.


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