proper name for things

"Always use the proper name for things. " ~Albus Dumbledore, Chapt. 17, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

I am a firm believer that everything needs a name, cars included.

After a lenghty conversation with friend Amos (Happy 22nd birthday Love!!) yesterday, I decided the name for my car. I was so glad that I got to run the name by someone else...someone who also loves Harry Potter and wouldn't judge me for the name, but rather said things like, "oh, I like that name. That is a good choice!"

I chose a name based on one of my favorite books (as I am listening to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on CD, and it was the first thing I listened to in the new car), and for a dozen more reasons which feel too silly to share. I have christened the car Sirius Remus, or just Sirius for short; named after two of my favorite characters in the books (besides Harry and Dumbledore).

The name feels very fitting since the the word seirios (Greek) means "blazing" or "scorching," (like my personality--ha ha ha) and Sirius is also the brightest star in the sky--a star which also makes up part of Orion's dog. There is also much old folklore in England which speaks to these big, looming, mysterious dogs. There is something promising in being named for this mysterious, yet bright thing, no? And Remus (along with Romulus) of course was a founder of Rome. Seemed like a strong name that speaks to adventure, no?

I was musing over my old cars and what the reasonings were for their names:

  • Chewbacca 1997-1999 (Star Wars, obviously--very fitting because of his brown color)
  • Rupert Rufus 1999-2004 (named after Rupert Everett--a favorite actor at the time, Rufus just because I always thought the name was funny)
  • Will 2004-2008 name split for Shakespeare and the name of the founder of the farm I used to work at (since I was living at the farm when the car was gifted to me)

And writing this, I realized that my life is so boring lately and I need some adventure. I am very jealous of what TSOldtimer and KT are up to these days! I need something better to write about. I am seeking an adventure!


Tony Kris said…
I too always named my important possessions. They include:

"Ngeepee"-My paintball gun throughout High School. I heard the word once on Letterman and thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard.

"The Count"-My Bass Guitar. For obvious reasons.

"The Make-Out Mobile"-My first car. An purposefully ironic choice since it was my mother's old teaching vehicle and still had her stuff in the back seat. I never bothered cleaning it out. Needless to say, my dates never ended out on Make-Out Creek. (Usually her doorstep with her dad watching and judging)

"The Crunkest Room on Campus"- My room sophomore year of college. For real, a frat brother and I had the most pimped out room ever. Anything anyone could ever imagine was in there. Including a bubble machine, plasma screen HDTV, and multi-headed shower.

Also, all my ex's had very strange nick/pet names that didn't seem very affectionate, but were totally sweet and innocent. They include "Queen Bee" "Dime Piece" and most famously, "Stalin"
Tony Kris,

I think my favorite is Stalin...ha ha ha. We nicknamed my brothers cat "Kitler," because he has a little Hitler half-mustace on his white face. Not right, I know.

Glad I am not the only namer among us!

Also, multi-headed shower--MEOW!
I know I had a car named Olivia. I don't think I have a name for my current car, but every car I've ever owned has had a little plastic dinosaur guarding it, and he has a name, but I can't tell you because then you could control him. names have power, that's why Satan is always trying to learn the name of God.

I have a little rubber bull protecting my car...his name is Torito! Ole!

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