clutter and letting go

Roomie M and I went garage sale-ing tonight after we both got home from work. Garage sales (tag sales as I leaned they are also called out East) truly mark the start of summer in these parts. People laying out their not-so-valuables for the public to view and sift through and hopefully buy. In a way garage sales are GREEN. Instead of throwing your junk out you try and get someone else to use it. "One man's trash is another man's treasure," or so the expression goes.

At one garage sale I bought a few kids books (I know, I know, limited hobbies, eh?), a couple hats, an old record player (WHICH WORKS!!), a record box and a few vintage records (artists like Simon & Garfunkel and the Stones). The record player was the best find. I have been trying to get a used, but working record player for over a decade, so I was so PLEASED PLEASED PLEASED to get this gem for $1. It is one of those old, kitchy models that is inside the box that can be folded up, snapped closed and carried. LOVE IT! It reminded me of another farmer who I used to work with who had the same style. Funny how things remind you of people.

Buying all of this clutter made me think about my weekend which is going to be cluttered with activities. Tomorrow Becca, a farm friend, is coming to visit--she's settled in Chi town these days. Then I (we if Becca stays late) have to go out for a friend's birthday for drinks. Ugh. Not sure if I am feeling the bar scene thing.

Saturday we have to go to the 'rents early. It is town "Dump Day," or whatever the hell they call it where you can throw away whatever you need to--for free--so we will be taking some junk from the house. We are also having Habitat for Humanity pick up what's left of Dad's tools next weekend so the tools go to good use and don't just get wasted. And then we are giving whatever else is of use, but unwanted, to the Salvation Army. It is amazing what accrues after years.

We are getting rid of the last of the last since we closed on the house this week and everything has to be moved out by May 15th. Seems strange that the house won't be ours anymore after 20 years there.

Saturday we are also celebrating our (Bro A3's and my) Graduations--though I finished in December, A3 finished this week. Family lunch sans Monster niece and nephew (who will be with Monster bro-in-laws parents) should be nice. Then Saturday afternoon I have to be at church. Father J asked me to read my Grad reflection that I wrote for the Grad Mass on Sunday at the Saturday Mass too. I guess I will be well practiced by Sunday morning, and hopefully less nervous.

Then Sunday is the Grad Mass and family brunch, and possibly more time cleaning at the 'rents house. Too much to do! And too much written, so I will end for now, also, I know I mentioned an article from NPR reviewing "Narrow Stairs," Death Cab for Cutie's newest CD. Thought I would also post this article from Rolling Stone, reviewing the CD. Cheers!


TSOldtimer said…
Cleaning out can feel so liberating! I remember the times I moved around and then away from the Farm, and each time I tried to see how much I could get rid of.

But there can also be a lot of sadness in letting go of long-held familiar things. I can't imagine that it's been easy for your family to clear out your house.

Good job on the garage sale (yes, we call them that, and even yard sales, in PA)! Sounds like some good finds. Who does the record play remind you of? I hope you and Becca have fun!

Amy W., but she was there and gone while you were at school. I don't think you ever met her. She lived in your old room at Topside and worked in the kitchen.
And yeah, letting go of that house, while a relief in some aspects is also devastatingly sad. Maybe I will pull a Scooby Doo and dress like a monster to scare the new people out when I have money one day and then I can convert it into my Summer home...for when I visit MI from the Berkshires. ;)
Anonymous said…
You've been busy! I love the bargains you made at the yard sales. Cool! I need to clean and throw things out but I'm feeling lazy. Very lazy.

Happy weekend,

kitchen hand said…
We have garage sales here. I buy books and last year, I bought a 1950s three-brush electric floor polisher for $5. Like your record player, it works.

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