think happy thoughts.

I am too tired to talk about the shitty day that I had. So thankful that I talked to Amos who cheered me up. To "keep my chin up," as Amos says, I have decided to put some fun picture up.
The flowers that Married K gave me just 'cuz that's what best friends do sometimes.

The beautiful rose! Thanks Married K.
I am always amazed with how beautiful and colorful food can look. I wish I had a better camera to capture those lovely, red radishes!

My tasty homemade guacamole complete with green onions and tomatoes. I served this with my homemade sweet potato-black bean burritos for Mexican night when College K and Uncle J came over.

My homemade salsa for Mexican night. So good!

The dessert for Mexican night.

The yellow rose from Married K. It was such a beautiful splash of color and so fragrant!


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