socialized medicine, anyone?

Thought I would focus today's blog on health care in the U.S.

Since I have miserably sick for the past 4 days and woke up today to find that instead of getting better I felt worse and had new funkier symptoms to my sinus-shut down, I bit the bullet and went to a nearby doctors office at 9am and set up a late morning appointment.

I hate going to the doctor. I don't hate going to the doctor for the same reason as many people, I hate going to the doctor because I don't have health insurance. Haven't in over 2 years.

After getting "fixed up" by this wonderful little Indian lady doctor, who told me that my throat is an "angry red" color I headed to Meijer (a Michigan superstore of sorts like Walmart--but less EVIL!!) to pick up my perscription per the doctors suggestion since Meijer offers low priced and some FREE prescriptions! That's right dear readers, I said free! Meijer, hoping to be able to compete with big chains like Walmart has now begun offering certain prescriptions FREE of CHARGE.

This was good news, especially after my $85 office visit (for 5 mins with the doctor).

So, I did some digging about socialized medicine because I have heard some good and bad things about it. What I did learn is that...there are A LOT of opinions on the subject. So, I will include links to some interesting articles.


I hope you feel better. I take my low-cost ($20/visit) doctor visits for granted, but now I know I shouldn't.
Anonymous said…
I'm always amazed how often people think more expensive medications mean better medications. See
Miss Cellaneous said…
Soon I will have my health insurance card here and all will be free. Oh, Canada! However, I hear it is VERY hard to find a doctor.

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