the English language


What is in a word?

I was thinking about language today when I was leaving Library X; having checked out two sets of Beginner/Intermediate Spanish CDs to improve my conversational Spanish.

This comes after listening to Lois Lowry's The Messenger and Gathering Blue. I love Lois Lowry! Her stories are full of such beautiful messages and so carefully chosen details and language. Thus making me think more about language.

So, I thought I would share the (English) words that we have taught our dog Toby. (Pictured below). I might start Spanish next.

Why? You ask. Why not?

Toby's known words:
“Go for a ___” (walk or ride goes well here.)
Gimme your paw
Come here
Baby boy!
Meerkat (just kidding…that would be cool though)
Lay down
Go outside?
Go to bed?
“Get out of the kitchen!”
“What did you say to me!?!?!” (This is the command we trained Toby to attack on. Seriously. It is also the phrase that makes Chris freak out. Baby.) ;)
Get your ass in this house (this is saved for misbehaving…the neighbors love it)
Toby (at least he knows him own name)

Can you tell that I am avoiding writing my Grad Mass reflection? Ugh!


Anonymous said…
Ohhh! What a handsome-looking dog. And he's smart, too! ;-) Thanks for stopping by my blog.

bath. off. drop. (get the) ball. turkey. go to bed.
yeah, Toby still does not get the whole "bath" thing. I am not sure if that is an indicator that he doesn't bathe enough or that each experience is so scarring that he forgets what that means every couple of weeks. He always seems excited when i mention it...then, well, the experience is not good for either of us.

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