busy bumblebee

I am finally better.

Now I am preparing for the next two weeks which should be busy. This week I am finishing writing my reflction/speech for the Graduation Mass at my church. I am flailing, trying to come up with something to say. Send good brain waves my way.

Next week I head to the Spring Institute, my first conference. I am excited for the opportunity to learn new things from other, more experienced librarians, and also see the Librarians from Library Y (where I sub) and a former professor which I had, who is also a Children's Librarian. I am also looking forward to the time away. The Conference is on the west side of the state, in Grand Rapids, so Library X is putting us up in a hotel from Wednedsay-Friday.

Then when I get back Friday I have to go up into the thumb of the mitten to Algonac for a Bachelorette party (Friday) and Bridal Shower (Saturday).

I am sure after driving across the state and back, and then going out drinking Friday night at the Bachelorette Party, I will be all sunshine and sparkles at the wedding shower.

Thought that I would share the link to this build your own bee activity from Haagen Dazs.(This bee in the meadow is what I created--except my eyes didn't show up). It is to raise awareness for the decline in bees and the future crisis that may occur. This article goes into some detail.


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