now I really want to eat xanax like candy

The Economic Stimulus Program, which Bush's administration has invoked, has stirred some thoughts from many people. These were some thoughts that I have on the matter (keep in mind that I am by no means a financial scholar...more so a confused patriot):
  • Ok, the money for the stimulus is coming from China! CHINA!--Remember, that country where most of our products come from these days!--as well as other countries adding to our national deficit! Does this not make sense to anyone else? That makes as much sense as leaving a "nice tip" at a restaurant with your SEARS charge card! Just don't give it back.

  • We are spending BILLIONS of dollars a year on the war in Iraq. Maybe it's just me, but isn't it a little ass-backwards of Bush to give us back money with one hand while doleing out more than we have with the other! Ironically Biblical from the Bible-thumping Pres. Reminded me of the Bible passage, "But when you give alms, do not let your left hand know what your right is doing..." (Matthew 6:3)

  • Even the Senate Republican Policy Committee has doubts about the long term effects of this policy. From their Additional Pro-Growth Stimulus Ideas that
    Congress Should Consider
    (dated 2/7/2008): "Many economists have concluded that the current bi-partisan stimulus package working its way through Congress will provide a boost to the U.S. economy. The focus of this package has been to deliver stimulus that is timely, targeted and temporary. While such a focus can be appropriate in the short term, the package does not contain some of the progrowth provisions necessary to stimulate long-term economic growth like those that have been the hallmark of Republican leadership." Umm...and these guys are in the same party as him.

  • In this CNN article, Bush was quoted as saying, "The bill I'm signing today is large enough to have an impact, amounting to more than $152 billion this year, or about 1 percent of the GDP (gross domestic product)..." Have an impact how? Is it going to be enough to help all those suffering from foreclosure? Call me crazy, but is no one else worried about the foreclosure rate in this country? According to this CNN article, foreclosures were up 60% in the month of February! All the houses for sale around me here in Michigan are making me just a little nervous.

Ok, now that I am really stressed out about the state of this country, I am going to grab a bottle of Jack and climb under the Reference Desk. Ugh.

Here are some articles that I found interesting (if the links weren't enough to depress you.)

NY Times article about the Economic Stimulus Program
Our Failing Economy: An OpEd Piece
The Bankrupting of America: An OpEd Piece


Miss Cellaneous said…
Yeah, we're supposed to spend the money in the states to stimulate the economy but I'm spending it in Canada! Ha ha ha ha ha. . mwuhahahahaha!

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