like butter scraped over too much bread

*Bilbo knows what I am talking about*

This will be brief, but I wanted to at least post something since I haven't written in forever. I am in the last stretch at work. It is after 6pm and after my 15 min. break is up I have to get my materials together for my Babies Group, which meets tomorrow a.m., and then set up for my Bedtime storytime group which meets at 7pm tonight. That group will take me to 7:30pm, and then I am out of here at 8pm. 8pm, I can't even fathom being able to stay awake while I read the kiddos their freaking stories tonight. Maybe instead of reading the uber sweet books I have chosen: The Giving Tree (S. Silverstein), Moon Ball (J. Yolen), and Oscar and the Mooncats (L. Raymond and How do dinosaurs say good night?, I will instead teach the kids about real life with a little "real-life" story.

"Once upon a time there was a *slightly* chubby scullery maid, who we'll call (annonimity is very important in these cases) Wilomena Beaverstashen. And this scullery maid loved to children--in fact children like you--who hopefully appreciated everything she was doing. She also loved to sing and to oggle some of the knights in the village of Groy. But Wilomena had to work very hard to pay off her loans from when she attended charm school so she was forced to work three jobs to pay for her shoe house. And though she worked very hard, Wilomena did not even have insurance so that if she got sick she could only hope that the Godfather could do a favor for her in return for a favor later on."
"Can everyone say no Blue Cross?"

(My vote is for that goat thing from "Pan's Labrynth" to play me when they turn my fairytale into a movie)
Yes, I can imagine the confused and lost faces now. *Sigh*

The weekend went by too quickly. And now it is midweek and I am so tired. I worked a 12 hour day yesterday, splitting the day between all three of my jobs. And now I am winding down my 11 hour day. UGH. I feel tired and unenergetic. Need sleep not bedtime stories. Maybe I will make the kids try and read the stories while I nap in one of the bean bags.


do you read to older than babies? my gf loves to read Larabee (Kevin something).
do you read to older than babies? my gf loves to read Larabee (Kevin something).

I have never read it, so I found it and LOVED it. It is so cute. I will definitely have to use that for my next bedtime story time! (that is all ages babies-4th grade, though I do picture books and some of the older kids get bored). I also loved his (Kevin Luthardt)book "Mine."

Thanks for the tip!
TSOldtimer said…
Have you considered reading any of the fairy tales compiled by the Brothers Grimm? They were my favorite as a small child. I bet your babies would get a kick out of The Fitcher's Bird (

I know, I'm a sick, sick SICKO!
Holy crap that story is so scary! What is wrong with you TSO?! You are a sick, sick SICKO!!! :)

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