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Is this week going by painfully slow for anyone else?

I worked at the Library on Monday and had a productive day. Great morning storytime with my 15-23 month old kids. Worked Reference all day and learned how to delete things from our catalog, and so began my readalong book kits weeding project. I am getting rid of all the kids readalongs (books and tape sets) which haven't been checked out in at least the last 2 years. It is no wonder that some of this stuff has never been checked out. Many of the books are weird or just plain creepy, or you look at them and think "why would you possibly want to listen to anyone read this tripped out story?" I think the last person who ordered these was either a total WEIRDO...or on crack. I am leaning towards the latter since I found books with titles like, Our Beaver Friend goes upstream. Ummm...?

It took me nearly 3 hours and I only made it through the letter "H." I am looking forward to hopefully finishing the weeding tomorrow and even more excited to start ordering some new book/CD readalong sets. I love spending other people's money!

Here is a link to Booklists by Genre, compiled by the lovely people of the Auburn Hills, MI Library. I think this link is brilliant! I am not sure if Library X where I work part-time has something like this or not, I know many libraries do, but I love lists like these so I thought I would share. These are helpful tools to have. Came across this yesterday. Just Monday afternoon I had a patron come up to me and ask for a book recommendation--anything, any of my recent favorites...I love those types of q's! So of course I dragged her all over the place and left her with a stack of books including good 'uns from: Cormac McCarthy, Jhumpa Lahiri, Sue Monk Kidd. If these names don't sound familiar go to the Library this instant and get anything by them! I was so excited that she let me pick what she would be reading that I probably looked at her like a rabid dog leering at a wounded rabbit.

Ah, I love my job.

Oh, also wanted to post this video but Blogger is dumb so I will at least share this link. This is really why I became a Librarian.


My week is also going painfully, PAINFULLY slowly. I can't believe I am only on my third day of work out of six. Thank goodness that I get a few days off for Easter next week!

I love weeding. It is such a satisfying feeling!
Woot Woot Bigenarian Librarian! There is something so satisfying about throwing somebody else's junk away...especially when you have your own junk to go through, but refuse to. :)

Hope the rest of your week goes by faster!
Kevin Musgrove said…
For *real* junk you can't beat the parts of the reference library catalogue that are still lit by gaslight.

You did well to get as far as "H" BTW. Big question is: will one or more of your co-workers ask for the old stock to be put back onto the catalogue?
Nah, I luckily get final say. No one will notice when the new orders fill the shelf in their resplendent GLEAM! :)

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