Gonna make a change?

The Hunger Banquet went really well last night. I can ulger little to report as far as what was discussed. HUNGER--in simplest terms.

One thing that our guest speaker, Dr. Alan Epstein, Professor at Oakland University, and a friend, mentioned was that it is our responsibility as Americans to try and end hunger. Hunger is not ended merely by feeding people. Hunger is ended by looking at what causes hunger (i.e. war, unfair economics) and stopping those things. Hunger is not the result of not having enough food to feed everyone in the world. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone something like 6 times over, but we as Americans consume 70% of the world's resources. Think about that. We all should.

What we can do?

  • Support stores that support fair trade and fair wage farming. A lot of our purchasing goes towards bigger companies that can drag prices down so that some foreign competitors (in nations of economic hardship) can't afford to compete.
  • Vote for officials who make it part of their agenda to work at lowering the rate of hunger/deaths due to starvation in the world.
  • Support organizations who are fighting against hunger! Some choices include
    United Nations World Food Program
    Oxfam International
    International Fund for Agricultural Development
  • Educate yourself. Knowledge really is a weapon. Once we educate ourselves about the realities of an issue we are able to go out and truly fight the fight. Not sure what to read? Consult a Political Science professor, call a library.

Hunger kills more people than died in the Holocaust--why then can't we stop this? Is death less awful when it happens quietly?

No man stands alone who tries to make a difference.


Amy said…
what a terrible photo... thank you for encouraging us to be more aware of our actions...
TSOldtimer said…
One easy thing that people can do is visit www.thehungersite.com everyday and click their button to help feed people for free! Their shop also has some pretty cool stuff.
Thanks Amos!

TSO, thanks for sharing the site. I will check it out.

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