Save Darfur - Fast and easy

I love that my church is proactive about social justice issues! They are doing a Darfur Fast on Wednesday 12/5. Just wanted to share this blurb and raise awareness for this devastating genocide that is happening in the world, and invite others to join in this Fast.

The United Nations has called it the greatest humanitarian crisis of our times. Over 200,000 people have been killed and nearly another 3 million displaced from their homes, a large majority living in overcrowded camps, or on the run into neighboring countries. What is it? It is the lives of the Sudanese.

Darfur Fast means fasting for a day from a luxury item; a cup of coffee from Starbucks, a manicure, dinner out, going to a movie, and you are encouraged to use the money that you would spend on any of these items and donate it towards the efforts to fight genocide in Darfur. The money that we are so fortunate to spend every day can go a long way, for example:

$1 will fund the use of a propane kitchen for one internally displaced Darfurian for one day.
$3 will fund protection for an average of one person through UNAMID firewood patrols.
$80 will help one displaced household generate income needed to purchase firewood.

Some online sites that take donations for Darfur are:

More background info:

As a result of conflict between nomadic and sedentary communities within the country, and the increased violence that erupted as groups tried to seize control, the lives of millions of people have been uprooted. Women have been raped and killed, villages destroyed, children led into battle. Much has been done to raise awareness of the situation, yet so much more is needed. Refugee camps are overpopulated, and they are witnessing a resurgence of violence, after only one rebel group signed the peace agreement in 2006. Women and girls who are venturing out from the camps in search of firewood are found beaten and raped, the rebel militia lying in wait. What does this mean for us?

Your participation can make a difference in the lives of those in Darfur.

Info taken from this site. Many Props to my best friend L for passing this along!


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