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Married K had her sister Lousia, College K, roomate M, Chris, Andy, A & M, my Mom and I over for dinner last night. After working our way through pasta and bread, salad and drinks, we wandered downstairs and were given our first lessons in Wii.

After College K and I had created our Wii Mii's (or ourselves in Wii world) we began a game of tennis. And three hours later some of us were still playing. We only played Wii bowling, tennis, and boxing, but had such a great night of it.

While we were playing, and breaking up a sweat, Married K told us about how a friend of a friend, or something, was saying that he lost 10lbs in a month playing Wii, and then someone else chimed in about how kids are being encouraged to play it a little each day. The only lame-o comment I could make was, "some libraries are hosting Wii nights..." (Have I become one of those awkward people now...stupid library school!)

Interested to learn more about Wii and this new excercise regimen I went in search of some articles, and this is what I found:
Wii Workout Gear
A Wii Workout
Computer Games Burn Calories
That's Entertainment
Computer Games are Good for your Health

While searching I realized there is a whole other culture out there for Wii users. There are sites with tips, chat rooms, and my personal favorite--contests for who can make the best celebrity look-a-like Mii's.

As always, I am amazed.

Has anyone else out there experimented with Wii yet? Is so, thoughts? If I wasn't saving for a new car and appointment to a Swedish masseuse, I would definitely buy one!


I have a friend who has a Wii and he's lost a lot of weight, but I'm not gonna ask if that's how -- guys don't do that:
"hey, your fanny's looking really perky in those jeans..." No, I don't think so.
You are too right. Maybe it would sound better, (if you could work up the courage), to say "Nice ass...Wii?"
Jenny said…
Lucky me, Mike works on the games so we had one right away. I LOVE it. The sports one is still one of our favorite games. But fortunately, you can download all the old NES games too and still be a total couch potatoe. :B

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