crawling out from under the rock

NY Times just released it's yearly 100 Notable Books of 2007.

I had read one book on the list. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I am going to start reading non-school stuff again. SOON. Classes are officially over 12/17, but I am trying to have my finals turned in by the 14th because I plan on partying like it is 1999 that weekend. If you are in the Detroit area. Please join.

Oh, and I thought this was an interesting article about Book Bannings. Why stop there, I am all for book burning too. (said with heavy sarcasm)


Maria said…
We're all so close to the Land of School's-Over-for-the-Semester and we just have to pass through the dark valley of Why-Did-I-Even-Sign-Up-for-This and hike over the mountain of I-Swear-to-God-I-Need-More-Sleep! Nathaniel and Baby Maddie and I are just tickled pick and pleased as punch that we get to head to the Farm and start the next chapter of our lives. I hope you'll sneak into our house at the crack of dawn and break some bread with us some morning soon!
Love, Maria

You are too sweet! I hope I can do that too, and I am so excited for your move, and to visit and become better friends with ya'll when I visit the farm...and hopefully ONE DAY move back to my beloved B-shires!!

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