advice on flirting

My friend College K says that she must be one of those people that looks like she can be trusted because everyone comes up to her (random people on the street) and tells her their life stories and secrets.

I unfortunately am one of those people who must look like a weirdo because those are the ones that are drawn to me. And the ones that hit on me.

Advice: Never hit on someone while looking for a copy of St. Augustine's Confessions.

Especially if the girl is Catholic.


Kt said…
As a librarian, you should stamp books with your phone number instead of the due date. Not everyone's book, of course. Just the cute guys-non weirdos. How fun would that be? Hot librarian romance.

Or are you holding out for a dance number like the one in The Music Man?
Manda said…

Good idea, I never thought of that.

I have never actually seen the Music Man, though TSOldtimes used to sing that song Madam Libraian, or whatever it is. :)
Kerry said…
Hey! I had a bad date 2 months ago with a guy who flirted with me at the ref desk. That's as close to hot librarian romance I've gotten in 10 years. There's few cute guys at either library I work at.
No kidding...we get all the social retards at my desk. :) Tee hee.
Kt said…
Well then, if not The Music Man, how about My Fair Lady in reverse? Or Pygmalion, for you more literary types. Take one of those there social retards (I tried to condense that phrase to "soc-tards" or something, but it doesn't really work) and clean them up. Isn't the fact that they're in a library, thus bibliophiles, a tiny bit of a turn on?
That would only be playing in to the idea that women only want to get in a relationship with a guy that they could "fix up."

Ah, dating feels hopeless!
Kt said…
Oh, that's true. Or a guy that they can "save." Hmm, so I guess that wouldn't work.

I'm out of ideas, then. Guess you'll just have to be a lifelong cranky old spinster, like me!

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