bowling shoes for a non-bowler and other thoughts on life

This week was weird.

Earlier in the week:

  • My car battery died on Thursday. Luckily my brother A3 works right down the street, so we were able to run to the store and buy a new battery and replace it, all within an hour (did I mention that among his many amazing qualities, he is also a mechanic).
  • To thank my brother I offered to get some beer and take out. On my way to pick the food up I made an (apparently) illegal turn. I was pulled over, but was let off with a warning.

The weekend has been an improvement:

Friday night my two friends and I had a girl’s night pow-wow. Sitting around the fire, with a cool breeze in the air, made it feel as though we were all saying goodbye to the summer, and I guess we were; school is back in session starting this week, and September is a very busy month at work for all of us.

Last night after work I drove up to meet up with roomie M and her family at their cottage, enjoying the 28 mile trek as a time to reflect on how fast the summer has gone and to think ahead of the work that needs to be done in the 3 ½ months to come. Fell asleep watching a movie. M’s Dad and brother went fishing this morning, so all of us girls: Nana, M, JillyBean, sister-in-law M, and M’s nieces K and G and I all went to the Armada Flea Market, which we tried to go to last time we were at the cottage, but it was a bust due to the rain. Today proved to be the perfect day, a morning cool and chilly ripening into a sunny warm afternoon.

We wandered through the fair (which is basically an enormous flea market), for over an hour and I made some interesting purchases. I bought a 50s-esque hair thing, a “vintage” pair of bowling shoes (I don’t bowl, they are just to wear whenever-in fact I am wearing them right now), the complete A.A. Milne original quartet, which introduced the world to Christopher Robin (named after Milne's own son) and Winnie the Pooh:

When We Were Very Young, Winnie-the-Pooh, Now we are six, and The House at Pooh Corner (did I mention that I collect books and especially love old children's books!); a copy of The Diary of Anne Frank, which I have never read (stifle the audible gasps-I know, I know!); a bag of wine corks, because B2 (of B1 and B2 fame) said that he would make me a cork board using wine corks like they have in their apartment-it is very cool; and a bunch of radishes and a huge head of broccoli (at $1 a piece!) at the farm fresh produce stand. I was pleased pleased pleased with my purchases, and all for $20!

Back at the cottage I made omelets for M, K, and I for our late breakfast, then had to say goodbye before heading home to get ready for work; work is where I sit again today. I have tomorrow off, and am looking forward to some fun before the Fall semester begins with a crazy schedule that mashes too much into each day.

Tomorrow morning Married K, Joe, and I are all going to see the IMAX version of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix at the Henry Ford IMAX Theater. I am so excited! I have never seen an IMAX movie...and to see the Order of the Phoenix on a ginormous screen! YEAH!!

Tomorrow afternoon some of my family is coming over probably for one last swim before we close our pool for the season, and then we are going to have a family dinner at my house to celebrate not laboring on Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day ya'll!


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