Austen, Jane Austen

I went in search of the link to imbed the video that Brooklyn Arden has on her page, and instead found this trailer.

Movie Trailer

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Thoughts from seeing this video:
  • Holy crap! Jane Austen is really "in" right now?
  • Holy crap! The music in the backrgound of that preview is Paolo Nutini, who Married K and I saw in concert this past winter...when he was just a drunk Scot on the mic, and now movie soundtracks...really?
  • I might go see that.

Why Jane Austen on the brain? College K and I watched the new version of Pride and Prejudice the other night, and tonight Married K and I spent a "girls night" out at the movies seeing Becoming Jane, which I love period pieces, especially of this time, and I love Jane Austen. I absolutely LOVE James McAvoy (even with his Mr. Tumnus hooves), and really believe that in a perfect world guys would grab you and kiss you in the woods like he does in the movie-MEOW!

I don't like Anne it just me or does she always play the same character in every movie (i.e. The Princess Diaries-yes, I saw it; Brokeback Mountain; The Devil Wears Prada; all movies where she displays the emotional range of a teaspoon-to borrow an expression).

The movie lacked a compelling story, more or less just a "this is why she died alone" story, with no real growth pattern in her character. One would do better to watch Mansfield Park (or better yet-read the book!!) to get a glimpse into Jane Austen, as that was her favorite book; what she considered her masterpiece. And if you are interested in her "alleged" love life, there are books of her letters.

Was it fun? Yeah, it was fun. Would I recommend you to see it at the the $7-$8 bucks and Netflix it if you want a period piece. Or better yet, host a Jane Austen-a-thon with all of her other movies!

Speaking of things feminine, check out this!


Kt said…
"Guybrarian!" I love it.

Not having seen "Becoming Jane," the thing that struck me from the trailer is how pretty they make her out to be, when in real life, wasn't she supposed to be a bit lacking in that department?

I just went and saw "Stardust." Well worth the moola. I was sitting in front of some teenage guys, and my favorite moment was when one of them blurted out, "Dude, there's a *star* riding a *unicorn*... what's up with that?!?"

In all the likenesses I have seen of Austen, I would say she is pretty, though she may have been considered unattractive in her time. I am not sure.

Funny about what those kids said. My roomie and I were thinking about going to see that.

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