**"gonna drive me to drinkin' if ya don't stop driving that hot rod Lincoln"**

**hot rod Lincoln**
apparently I can't name a blog these days without there being a theme song that goes with it.

I try and be a very informed consumer because let's face it:
  • I am a poor college student so I make my money stretch as far as possible (speaking of which I think this thread bare patch on my ass is showing my skivvies again.)
  • I like to control decision making, purchasing situations. I hate going in and letting salespeople talk me into anything...especially things that I don't need. (I am still trying to find a use for the bacon bong that I bought back in '04).
  • Even if I had money I think I would still be this way. There is almost a satisfaction in knowing what you want, but still letting the salespeople try and talk you into things, then seeing their crestfallen faces as you say, "no, no, I think I will just go with the ____." Ah, check mate!
  • I also find it useful to be informed, because as a woman especially, some situations can be very intimidating. For example, show me a woman who like to shop in a car parts store or get her oil changed.

And that, dear readers, is exactly where I found myself today. I usually change my own oil and my brother and Dad (both self taught mechanics) can fix almost anything else that is wrong on my car, and that I am thankful for, but it had happened that I have not been able to get my car "Will" to my parents house to do the oil change and I was considerably over my 3,000 mile mark, so I begrudgingly took my car to the shop this morning.

I always preface any conversation with the mechanic by saying, "my Dad is a mechanic, if you see anything that appears to be a problem, please write it down on the reciept and I will have him take a look at it." You can almost see the look in their eyes...as though the sneaky twinkle has receeded.

Yet, this said, I still managed to pay $65 when all was said and done on an oil change and filter that would have cost me maybe $15-$20 if I had only done it myself. Yes, yes...my car is a beast so I had to pay for the extra quart of oil, and then I asked for the fuel injector which I occasionally do to give my old car a boost, and blah blah blah. The only consulation to this whole process was that I was able to talk to Mummy Dearest on the phone, sitting still for the first time in what seemed like days, and the mechanic could have been Clive Owen's twin-MEOW!

I hated that I had to spend so much money and I was angry at my car for needing the extra quart of oil...so, I called Enterprise Rental and booked a car for my visit to Massachusetts set for a week in October. I was able to be an informed consumer and get the price I wanted-yeah!

And after checking out what good gas mileage, etc., the Aveo and Cobalt get I did some research on the Chevy Aveo, and found the one I wanted. Now to start saving. I would love to get a new car by next summer. *Sigh*A picture of the 2008 Chevy Aveo that I want.

A picture of my "hot rod Lincoln," no, not really...but from what lovely beginnings my Continental came from. This is what my car would have looked like in 1961.

And this is what my car looks like now...different color, though.

I want a new car. **sigh**


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