Shirking my civil duties

Just an update...forgot to mention, I did infact get out of jury duty again. I faxed a copy of my plan ticket info, and the wonderful people decided that I can again get selected in October. I have asked them twice to wait until December and I will be glad to do it when I am done with school. If they select me again in October I will again have to try and get out of it, as I am going to be in class...LIKE I ALREADY TOLD THEM!

Argh...the justice system.


Nabeel said…
I won't mind being a juror in a high profile case or even a worthwhile case. What is a 'plan ticket'?
Amy said…
so what, are we supposed to do, congratulate you for being civily irresponsible? Huh?? Huh??? Geez, Monster Librarian, our justice system needs more clear-headed, even-tempered people like you... ;-)
Kt said…
Move to Oregon, where everyone's too busy hiding from the rain to commit crimes. I showed up for 2 hours at the courthouse and am now free from serving for the next 2 years! Whoop, give it up!

I'm suprised the educational video hasn't yet taught you that you must drop everything you're doing to go serve, because, by golly, that's what the Founding Fathers wanted, and that's what PEOPLE died for, and that's AMERICA!!!

*cue music*

meant plane ticket.

And oh Amos...I already did my civil duty 2 years ago. They should pick someone else!

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