cycloptic Louisville sluggers rounded off my reading

After the comments I recieved on this post, I decided to read some books by Chris Van Allsburg (one of TSOldtimer's favorites-yes yes, I remember our conversation at the bookstore in Traverse City), and also look at The Water Babies, which Kt mentioned.

Today at the library, I read Chris Van Allsburg's:
Ben's Dream
Just a Dream
The Mysteries of Harris Burdick (has anyone else read this...does it not make sense, or is it me?)
The Polar Express
The Sweetest Fig (which I loved!)
The Wretched Stone
Bad Day at Riverbend (clever)
The Garden of Abdul Gasazi
The Stranger
The Wreck of the Zephyr
Two Bad Ants
The Widow's Broom (I think this is my favorite)

I love Van Allsburg's pictures and simple, moral stories, cleverly woven. I learned that Van Allsburg is from Michigan, WOOT WOOT.

And Kt, seriously, The Water Babies has to be the creepiest kids book I have ever seen, like Stephen King meets weird Irish folklore. And the pics made it even worse. I think my favorite picture was where the naked little "water baby" boy is talking to the "sticks," who are drawn to look like 10 feet tall baseball bats with one eye...a cycloptic Louisville slugger.

Moral of the story: while some of us love to write, not all of us should write children's stories.


Kt said…
Hee, I'm laughing. I told you it was a head trip, didn't I? And yet I really, really like that book. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of the quirky creepiness.

I never read it as a child - probably a good thing.

My favorite illustration is of the blunderbuss guard near the end of the book. That link you provided, is that text only? I'm not familiar with that site. (But I soon will be!)

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