Collection project at work

Started going through 7 years worth of donations at the library. It is amazing what people accrue after a life of collecting books (I noted this and thought of my 400+ book collection that my family will have to dispose of one day).

There is nothing super note worthy or exciting about the process. We go through and get rid of anything that we already own, recycling anything that doesn't seem of interest for the book sale room. My job has been weeding through boxes upon boxes of books on Education and Psychology (apparently a collection donated upon the death of an Education professor), finding the occasional random book of interest (i.e. writings by Epicurus).

The coolest thing that has come of this new special project is that I get to go down in the University's storage area, in the basement of the Undergraduate Library. It is amazing! It is a huge room with row after row of books. Even cooler-they have space saving shelving (which looks exactly as it does in this picture) installed. It is a series of book shelves that can be moved, as they are installed in tracks, back and forth, so you can squeeze more together. You just spin this wheel and they move and allow you to walk between the rows of books. Marvelous! I think my eyes glassed over with wonder as one of the Librarians showed me how they work. Ah...another mystery of the library revealed!


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