Things to not do at the library

2 ways to lose favor with any Librarian, well, anyone really

  • Let your phone ring loudly, while you giggle even more loudly and continue to talk to fellow annoying patron, instead of silencing said phone as quickly as possible. Did I mention that the ring tone (complete with words) is "Sexy Back," by Justin Timberlake? (While I also love that song, IN THE CLUB! it is not necessarily what I want playing in the background while I am helping a patron on the phone!)
  • Come to the Reference Desk for help, smelling so strongly of weed that the reference staff are getting a contact high just helping you!
Sorry if this blog is catty. My ovaries are trying to kick me out of my body today!


Rakstar said…
Hehehehehe...where do you work again???? heeeheheheheheh. ;)
JennPav said…
I totally agree with you. I would want to kick them with a steel toed boot.

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