Summoned at the end of the semester

I am still in a funk.

I found myself at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows needing to process and talk out many points, so it was nice last night running into or being called by a couple of friends that had also finished the book. It felt nice to go over the text which was rich with symbloism and some themes that harkened C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkein to mind.

Today I woke up happier after my Potter discussions, but still feeling a little frazzled. Turned in my take-home final, weekly analysis paper, and redone Collection Development plan (for the Monterey Library) last night for my Collection Development class. I had stayed up the night before finishing them and was so glad to give them to my professor. I was so ecstatic for the end of that class, that I had to restrain myself from screaming like a banshee, throwing my papers at the professor and running, screaming from the room.

Tonight I have an in-class final, which will contain multiple sections; the worst section-the dreaded "Case Study" section of the test. After the final, I am taking a break tonight, and will continue tomorrow night, working on my final paper and presentation for my Public Libraries class. The theme of that paper/presentation is, "An Issue that will effect Libraries in the future." I am discussing constant funding cuts, and the idea that libraries should work in cooperatives, or with each other through Interlibrary Loans. This is due on Monday, and it is after this class that I begin my 4 1/2 week holiday from school.

The other day I recieved an official looking letter in the mail telling me that I had again gotten jury duty. I love living in America, and the fact that we can enjoy certain civil liberties that others can only dream of, yada yada, but seriously! I have been called for Jury Duty 3 times in the last 2 years!!! In the horrible video that they make you watch at the courthouse, (Kt does a wonderful job talking about this experience!) they talk all about what an honor it is to serve Jury Duty. Sure it is, but share the love!! 3 times in 2 years-this has to be some kind of record! It irkes the hell out of me that some people that are older than my parents have never been summoned for Jury Duty.

My first time was in Pittsfield, MA. I showed up, they sent me home. It was almost fun. I got the day off from work (paid), and I only had to be there for 2 hours, so it was a mini-holiday. The last time I was called was May-of this year-I managed to get out of it with my school schedule. (Yes, students can get exempt). Now I am called for in August, I think it is when I am already scheduled to be on vacation in California. Maybe I can get out of it again. I feel as though the city of Detroit is making it their personal cause to plague my family with jury duty. Me twice this summer, my brother once already this summer...hmmm...

I promise I will be less crabby soon...I still blame this to Post Potter Depression (P.P.D.)


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