Quote of the day

"Waiting until 2 days before your paper is due, the week of finals, then expecting a librarian to help you find some resources to use in your paper is as stupid as going to a fast food place during the normal lunch rush, five minutes before you are due back at work, and ordering a steamed lobster." ~the Monster Librarian

Today I feel exhausted and bitter. Everyone and their brother has needed loads of attention today. I just want to crawl under my desk and mope over the fact that I finished Harry Potter 7 and there will be no Harry Potter 8. So excited for so long and now there are no more books to look forward to. I have decided to write a #8, Harry Potter and the Monster Librarian finally gets her letter from Hogwarts. Sad, I know, but the title is catchy, no? I think I am suffering from Post Potter Depression.


Jenny said…
Its that "back from vacation" feeling! You know where you don't have anything to look forward to for awhile! Arrrghhhh!
Miss Cellaneous said…
Awww I hate that feeling, it also happens on the night of birthdays and X-mas. So anti-climatic. . . you should write a Harry Potter sequel, or read Barry Trotter or Harry Putter or some other parody. . .
I am choosing to read some classic novels to change the "scenery," so to speak, for a while, though I am thinking of re-reading HP7 when I go on vacation. Might be good after the first run through has sunk in some!

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