Holy Grail homework and Russian-esque gatherings

Case study update: The case study from Hell (can be seen here) was returned to me last night, much like how I imagined one would feel if they were handed the Holy Grail. (When the paper was handed to me I was pretty much that lady in the picture on the right). Aglow. I had a dazzling red 98 on the top of my paper, with a comment about how I had noted some things that most students in the class had missed. This is a compliment from Professor Napolean-Complex. I was awestruck. I was expecting a B at best! Hooray.

Exhausted today at work. Thankfully the day is going by quickly. Last night sat around with friends, celebrating a birthday. It felt so Russian of us to sit around this tiny table covered in beer bottles, an ashtray full of snubbed cigarette butts, and other remnants of the party; sitting outside on the cool night, arguing over politics, talking about religion and relationships, and how things have changed in our lives as friends. It was one of those wonderfully deep nights, rich with conversations that I wish I could recount word for word, though I would not do that here. The talk was private and serious at times, painfully honest too, errupting occasionally in a joke and laughter. It was a night where I was able to see my friends for what they have become to me-family in the richest sense of the word.

One of the last 4 standing, I fell asleep on a couch around 4:30am. Getting up at 7:30am this morning was rough. Work at the church (yes, I work at a church as well as the 2 libraries) was blah, slow things to keep me busy, then a funeral was called in and arrangements had to be made. I spent the afternoon swimming in my thoughts of last night's conversations and now the idea of death.

Drove CatholicLands family of 5 to the airport this afternoon for their two and a half week excursion to Nova Scotia and Prince Edwards Island (P.E.I.), where while in P.E.I., they will visit some friends of ours and stay with them. It was hard dropping them off at the airport. I had an insane urge to climb into their carry on, but a scene like that is always awkward.

Now I am settled back at my desk at the library, hoping to finish most of a paper due Tuesday, so I don't have to work on it too much tomorrow. I have Friday and Saturday off and am hoping to lay by the pool and finish H.P. and the Order of the Phoenix, and make a big dent in H.P. and the Half Blood Prince. Need to be done with both before #7 arrives next Saturday! Ah yes, our pool is open and I have been enjoying it since Sunday. Be jealous~it is glorious! I will try and post pics of it soon.


Rakstar said…
So...have the conversations resumed with CL?
Yes, because I am more mature than he is...(I never thought I would be saying that about anyone).

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