Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

The movie release that I have been eagerly awaiting since I saw H.P. and the Goblet of Fire in November 2005! I am going to the midnight show of H.P. and the Order of the Phoenix Wednesday morning at 12:01 a.m.!
Look for me in the back. I will be the one dressed as Harry (scar and all)!
To see the trailer, click here. The special effects look AWESOME!


Miss Cellaneous said…
If you are serious about dressing like Harry, please, for the love of God, take pictures. PLEASE.
Nah, I wish...but I don't have the costume...I borrowed it from a friend last year for Halloween!
Kt said…
I'm going to the 12:01 showing too, but it'll be PST, you lucky EST dog. Aaaaand... I'm going dressed as a student, I am. Nerd it up!

(ps. If you don't have a costume, draw a lightening bolt on yer head with a permanent marker. Fun for days!)
Mummy Dearest said…

hey, wait a sec: I just figured out MLS can also stand for Master in Library Sciences. Was that intentional?? You sneak.

HAVE AN AWESOME TIME TONIGHT!!!!!! I wish I were with you friend. Rock the lightening scar. babe!
Mummy Dearest said…
So how was it?? 8-)
Rakstar said…
C'mon! Where's your review?!? Don't tell me you came home and slept!!! ;)

MLS, no, I am not that lame yet to be doing things like that...or not clever enough. I actually never thought of that. Good thing I have smart friends like you around!

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