Give a monster a map and she'll want to count cities by letter

Finished my third to last paper of the semester! What a sense of relief. I see the end in sight.

Quickly checked the New England library job Listserv and was amazed at how many posts were up today, something like 8 new posts. There were many for Massachusetts, three cities that I had never heard of, so I did some searching to find, Billerica, Beverly, and Bellingham. The three are located between the Salem and Boston areas.

Just in case it ever comes up on Jeopardy.

Then I began to wonder how many cities there are in Massachusetts that begin with the letter "B."

There are 29.

Cities that begin with the letter "B" in Massachusetts come in fourth after cities that begin with the letter "W," with 46 cities, and then the letter "S" with 35, and the letter "M," with 31 cities.

Seriously, it is my day off...what am I still doing here? I am going to get in the pool!


Rakstar said…
Seriously. What are you still doing there? (Hint: might the word start with "p," end with "g," and have a "rocrastinatin" in the middle? :) Enjoy the pool, friend!
CS said…
I must have been looking at the same jobs you were. How funny! Say, maybe we'll both end up out there. :)

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