Envoking the Patriot Act

Sitting at the desk I was approached by an older gentleman who handed me a letter. The first thing I saw when I looked down was his address, typed at the top of the letter. And right under his name it read, "Federal Burea of Investigation."

I am the only Reference Library assistant in the whole building. My mind starts to whirl. Is he here to try and obtain something? Is he going to cite the Patriot Act and ask for some kind of records? Is he going to try and step between me and my duty to protect privacy!? Is he...a guest speaker that is lost on his way to the class he is speaking in front of? Yeah. That was about it.

But I was ready to kindly ask for a subpoena before I handed anything over.

This link is to the story about the CT. librarians that are suing the U.S. Govt. for their wrongful use of the Patriot Act.


Rakstar said…
So what was he there for?? I can't stand the suspense! I already have to wait a week for Book 7!!!
He was the guest speaker for a class...I told you that at the end...silly!
Patsy said…
Interesting to know.

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