If I were finished with school and could travel and take a job anywhere (because I'd actually be a real and true librarian), here are some jobs that I might consider. These postings came to me just this afternoon:

  • Job Title: Part-Time Reference Librarian: California State University, Dominguez Hills University Library
  • Job Title: Librarian- Children's Services Organization: Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York,
  • Job Title: Librarian- Young Adult Services Organization: Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, New York
  • Job Title: Reference Librarian, Faculty - Collection Development: North Harris Montgomery Community College District, Location: Houston, Texas
  • Job Title: Marketing/Outreach Librarian, Location, Western Illinois University, Macomb, Illinois

As for the time being, I am still waiting for my letter from Hogwarts. I had to post this picture because I was just saying this to someone yesterday...ah...sad.


Miss Cellaneous said…
Wow, those job descriptions all sound really cool! You're really way ahead of me on the job search. . I'm jealous. Woo hoo for yet another class together next semester, I'm glad you're my library school buddy.
Oh thanks Miss cellaneous!

I was just telling my friend how glad I am that I have had you in a class EVERY semester! It has been fun to go through the process with someone who is at the same place! WOOT WOOT!

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