Cluster Map-Tracking my 6 blog readers

I am always the last person on the band wagon. Mummy Dearest told me about Cluster Map (to put one on your page, click Get one link), then Traveling Shoes joined too. I finally caved when I saw that Mummy Dearest has readers in Australia. Maybe one day I will have readers abroad too...we'll see.
I also thought that the map looked cool...ah, peer pressure!


Miss Cellaneous said…
Peer pressure is why I have a blog in the first place. . I can't believe all the stuff they have for these things, it's insane and highly addictive. I shall see you in class a frass on Wednesday.
Rakstar said…
Sweet! Thanks for the tip, friend! :)
TSOldtimer said…
Hey! I have more than four readers! I think. Well, at least since July 4. And I have four international readers! You'll have have dots all over in no time, I'm sure! Welcome to the narcisissistic blog network!

Encourage some of your foreign readers to look at my blog...I want dots on every continent damn it!

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