Still avoiding homework...

I love The Meadow Brook Digital Dress Collection, which can be found at:;c=hcc . I love looking at old clothes from back in the day...and since I was destined to have been a flapper since I like drinking, dancing, and jazz, this collection has a lot of my favorite styles.

These are from a collection owned my Matilda (Wilson) Dodge, married to one of the Dodge Brothers of the Dodge car fame. They were the money behind starting Oakland University in Rochester, MI., which was my Undergrad. The Dodge's Meadowbrook Mansion is still on the grounds of the Oakland University campus and is worth a visit.

While the pictures are from the Meadowbrook Mansion collection, the photo archiving is a project undertaken by Wayne State University Libraries, Detroit, MI.

Proof that Librarians can have cool jobs. Cool, huh?


Jenny said…
I don't know if this will post twice or not... something strange and inexplainable happened with my computer.... hmmmm.

Anyhow, this is very cool!!! Thanks for sharing! Also, do you remember our 1920s project from Mr. K's class? We had to teach the class to do the Charleston? It wasn't as good as the Robert Frost project, but looking back, I got a lot out of his class. I also seem to remember you stapling your thumb...
Ah, yes, doing the Charleston in the hallway outside Kralosky's class...a good memory. And I think I am still mentally scared from stapling my thumb. :)

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