Playing with words

Mummy Dearest and I talked about our love of word play, and somehow I stumbled across this site and had such a laugh over some of the word-play shirts dealing with state and country names. They are below, followed by some shirts that I want because they are just plain funny!
Ha ha ha...this is exactly what I think Shakespeare would have said!

Ode, to Balki Bartakomus!
Remember when this was the highlight of computer class...and technology...the Oregon Trail Game? Did anyone ever win? Do you remember how you got to go to the general store at the beginning and buy things like gun powder and flour? I miss those was decidely simple.I will never see a cowbell again without thinking of the SNL skit of the Blue Oyster Cult, "I've got a fever and the only prescription is more cowbell!"
A reference to Ladies of a certain age. If you don't know what a "Cougar" is, check out this link.
I love this shirt...and the game!
This is so YUCKO that it is funny!

I didn't get the joke so I had to think about what the second ammendment was...the right to bear arms...get it? BEAR ARMS!


Mummy Dearest said…
Wow!! New look, huh? Trying to make some $$ by putting up the ads? I hope you have better luck than me -- I think I've made about $1.00.

I love the pink!!

Way to keep it saucy.
Jenny said…
Love it! Thanks for the smiles! :)
Kt said…
Hey, as an Oregonian I am proud to say that I've won many a time at "Oregon Trail." Of course, since I'm the only one actually here in Oregon right now, maybe that makes sense...
ha ha funny! We had this alcoholic computer teacher in middle school who let us play it as much as possible...less work for him I guess. Mr. Robins...ah, those were the days. We used to call him Twinky Fingers can figure out why...huge huge fingers!

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