Life is beautiful

Thanks KT for your blog and for picking me to share my thoughts on what I take for granted.

1. My family: My family (though sometimes overbearing) loves me a lot and is always willing to help me and just plain old love me. We fight too, but there is always that family Elmer's glue that is put on each of us before we are stuck back together. I often take for granted what a lovely, loving person my Mom is, and her good sense of humor, and huge ability to love everyone. And my Dad-he tells the best stories and can fix anything, and often does to keep my car running. I never thank them enough. I couldn't ask for better siblings either. We are all close and able to share in each others triumphs, and I sometimes take that for granted. I am so glad I am not an only child! And I adore my brother-in-law Mike and my sister-in-law Lucia and the nieces and nephews: Syd, Gala, Aidan, and Noah. God has been so good to me.

2. The ability to pursue an education: I know that I gripe about school work and how I look forward to school being over, but I really do love going to school. It is seldom that I stop to appreciate how great I have it. In a world where so many people want the chance to get an education, I have been able to actually make that dream a reality!

3. The ability to travel: I have been so blessed in that I have been able to see some of the world outside of the U.S. What a freedom, we as Americans have, to be able to travel about freely.

4. Freedom of expression: What a gift that we can express ourselves through art, music, writing, singing, snorkeling, whatever, you name it. Can you imagine a world where you had to fear being persecuted for expressing who you are, or what you believe in? I am so glad that that is not the case in the U.S. We have the right to protest, believe in whatever God we want to, and go to church safely; these are all things that I am guilty of never appreciating enough.

5. Good health: I got out of bed this morning and I could walk around, smell the summer fresh cut grass, see and hear birds. In our society that so often gets caught up in what is wrong with us, or how we can improve our body or our image, we forget that there is nothing wrong with many of us.

Only 5 much more to say...Main House breakfasts, ice skating, dancing with my Dad, my Mom's hugs, the kids laughter, my brother's Mr. T impression, friends, skipping stones, blowing bubbles.

Life is beautiful!

P.S. I was really in the picture posting mood! The pics from #s 2-5 are borrowed from photobucket


Jenny said…
Great blog! I always loved your mom too! I think you nailed it. I try to remember to be thankful everyday. Remember when you broke your mom's rib?
Thanks Jenny...and I tripped and only CRACKED a rib, never broke make it sound as though I was trying my wrestling moves out on my Mom!

That was funny though...did you know me when my brother Adam and I broke Mom's wrist...? We were rough kids!

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