I’ve been tagged! Thanks, Mummy Dearest; you’re a sneak!

I guess what this means is I have to answer this question five times and ask some other bloggers I know to do the same. Here goes.Why do you blog?

Give five answers for why I blog?

1. I am doing one reason right now-it is a homework avoidance. I mean that in the best way. It is a nice way for me to take a break from studying.

2. I sit at a desk a lot...and this helps pass the time.

3. I love writing!

4. This is a fun way for my friends and family (all four of you that actually read this!) to keep up with me and my misadventures as I stumble through Grad school.

5. Idle hands, evil things...if I wasn't doing this I would be choking a library patron!

Who I am tagging: Jenny and Catholicland


JennPav said…
I will answer your question in the blog on my page. :)
Kt said…
But if you choked more library patrons (assuming they're the stupid ones) wouldn't that make the library a better place for the rest of us?

MLS, have you alread heard about our group blog for Topsiders and kin past and present? You should check it out! We mostly garble and rant about unimportant stuff (...wait, that's just me), but it's good fun all the same, and it works well for staying in touch.

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