Funny library fact

While on my break a few minutes ago I went strolling through the BL section looking for my book.

Funny, little known fact to non-library people; in public libraries the Dewey Decimal System is used, in most university libraries the Library of Congress system is used to classify and shelf books.

In the Library of Congress call numbers the Bible and other religious texts are located under the call letters “BS.” Funny, huh?

After confirming my book was still not on the shelf I veered towards the BS section and made myself smile. Yep, the Bible is still there. Hey, I don’t make the rules.

For the complete list: Dewey vs. LofC


Jenny said…
What book are you referring too and what does BL stand for?
I'm sorry, I'm just an ignorant... something.
Books are broken down into groups by like topics and given call numbers, so that you can find info about a certain topics all located together. The call numbers (letters) just help locate the book. I just think that it is funny that the call numbers for the Bible are "BS."
You are not dumb...sadly...I make library jokes, but no one outside working in a library would get it either. :)

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