The end in sight..sort of?

I looked at a calendar and counted the weeks left in this semester and the weeks of classes that I will have in the fall semester, and multiplied that by three days/week, and found out that I have @141 days of school left until I am done. I thought doing this would make me feel better, but I suddenly feel a little overwhelmed. I wish it were December 20th. Sigh...

This is how I am going to celebrate being

Create Your Own Countdown


Amy said…
Haha What a brilliant idea- I love your countdown. Don't worry though, once it starts saying less than a month you'll be ecstatic!
JennPav said…
Thanks for the link to my blog, I will return the favor! :)
Mummy Dearest said…
Friend, it's the journey not the destination... say it with me: "journey not destination"... and again... Do you believe it yet? :)
It is easier to say that as you are just starting your "journey," but I have traveled enough. I am tired...I just want to get to that final destination...or at least a rest stop that serves cold beer...what? That is what the month of August will a rest stop before the final leg of the trip, eh?

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