Conferences...I am looking forward to the travel destinations

One of the guys that I work with just got back from the American Library Association's Annual Conference (there are two a year, in January and May) and was telling me all about it and I am so excited to go to the next one.

Usually the librarians come from all over the United States and have this huge conference where they talk about where they got their horn rimmed glasses, what is the best cat food to feed your cats, how to properly shush people, and ways to wrap a tight bun with your hair, among other not really...had ya for a minute though eh!?

No, the conferences are a time where Librarians get together and learn about the changing trends in libraries and technology, and newer, more efficient methods that will best serve the everyone. There are programs and special guest speakers, and I am so jealous that I was not there last weekend because some of the guest speakers included: Ken Burns, Judy Blume, and Julie Andrews, along with a closing session with Garrison Keillor.

There are also opportunities to set up interviews with libraries from all over the U.S., which is what I want to do when I go. The next one is in January and since I finish school in December, I think that I am going to go. I am excited, it is in Philly and I have never been and I really would love to go for a long weekend and spend some time tooling around the city. We shall see.

Here is the schedule for the next few years...I am so going to be the traveling librarian! Denver! Boston! New York! New Orleans! This is going to be fun...

2008 Midwinter Meeting, Philadelphia, PA: Jan. 11-16 , 2008
2008 Annual Conference, Anaheim, CA: June 26–July 2, 2008
2009 Midwinter Meeting, Denver, CO: Jan 23–28, 2009
2009 Annual Conference, Chicago, IL: July 9–15, 2009
2010 Midwinter Meeting, Boston, MA: Jan. 15–20, 2010
2010 Annual Conference, New York City, NY: June 24–30, 2010
2011 Midwinter Meeting, San Diego, CA: Jan. 7–12, 2011
2011 Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA: June 23–29, 2011


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