Advice of the day

I found this advice to be true to any type of potluck party...not just the ones in libraries!

"Some foods should be avoided for breakfast potluck parties at your library. Some examples include: potato salad, Doritos, and cigarettes. Sometimes it's better to bring nothing at all. " ~The Polite Librarian, who can be found at this site.

This made me laugh so hard...sounds like something Amy Sedaris would say in her hilarious book, I like you. If you have never seen it, check it out at a bookstore or library. I laughed outloud so many times while I was browsing this book...I must have looked like I'd lost it!


Kt said…
Holy cow, I walk away from the compy for a few short days and suddenly everyone's got a billion new posts up! I'm reading fast to keep up.

I like the new look of your blog. Very awakening.
Thanks Kt. I only have so many posts because I have to sit at my computer for work almost everyday and that leaves me lots of time to blog.

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