8 Random things I promise you don't know about me...

I stole this idea from someone else's blog, but thought it was fun. Eight things that my good friends don't even know about me!

1. I moved a lot in the first 7 years of my life, living in 3 different states (Michigan, Florida, New Hampshire), calling 6 different houses home before we finally settled in the house my parents still live in today. That was 20 years ago this Fall.

2. I had braces for 7 years, starting in 2nd grade, coming off at the start of 10th. What, I sucked my thumb...a lot! I also had to wear a "bionater" (this sounds like a torture device that Arnold Schwarzenegger helped design to "pump you up!") They were like retainers but three times thicker. Anyway, I was always playing with mine and taking it out. Well, one day when I was around 7 or 8, my parents decided to have a yard clean up day and so we cleaned our yard all day and had a picnic outside and I took my bionater out, realizing later that day that I couldn't find it. My family combed all the grass clippings and raked leaves and pulled weeds and actually found it. And that still amazes me to this very day. Talk about a miracle. This tiny piece of plastic and metal, and it could have been any where on the acre of lawn that we were working on, and it was in a pile of grass clippings.

3. I am a very passionate person. When I feel an emotion I am either hot or cold, love or hate something. Although, I force myself to see both sides of a lot of things. Being passionate can be a blessing and a curse: Every color in a brilliant sunset or sunrise is perfect to me, every good love song is my favorite, so you can imagine how many perfect sunrises, sunsets, and songs that I have seen or heard!

4. Australia was the coolest place I have ever been to (this is probably partly due to the fact that I went when I was 16, and my parents were still in Michigan!)
In Australia: I went to the furthest Eastern point in Australia-Byron Bay, saw the Southern Cross (as familiar to their sky as the North Star is here) set up in a sky that was so clear that I finally understood why the Milky Way was given its name-it was the clearest milk white and so beautiful. I will never forget the Australian sky. We had the good fortune to sleep outside, under the stars for a couple of nights in the Outback area of the country, on a cattle farm that we were staying at. And lastly, I crossed the Tropic of Capricorn. (If you look at the map, it is the line that cuts through Austalia about half way down.

5. After listening to the Rufus Wainwright song, "Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk," I tried just that...I am still trying to figure out how those two go together...any thoughts?

6. I sleep with my hands under my head, but only if I can comfortably sleep with my hands under the pillow, under my head. This is very important. I like to sleep on my back and I need two pillows.

7. I have only had to memorize two poems in my life, "October," by Robert Frost in 11th grade-thanks Mr. Krolowski, I still love Frost because of you-and "The Cloud," by Percy Blyth Shelley in my Romantic Literature class in my Undergrad. I memorized both, but I used to get so nervouse public speaking that I would mess it up and it looked like I didn't know the poems-I did, I swear. I more or less have forgotten both poems, but I will always love the lines from Shelley, "I sift the snow on the mountains below, And their great pines groan aghast; And all the night 'tis my pillow white, While I sleep in the arms of the blast." Both are awesome poems.

8. When I was six, nearly seven, I built a "space ship," and I use this term very loosely because it was really a 4 foot board with two cross boards nailed to it, and a "control panel," drawn on it with a pen. (I had a really good imagination!) Anyway, I would sit on it and type all these directions into my control panel and close my eyes and swear that I could feel my ship taking off and then when I reopened my eyes I would have landed and would be on a strange planet and my family members-if they were outside playing or doing yard work, were strange creatures. I have such a vivid memory of this game.

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Nathan said…
What do I win?! I know 5.5 of those 8 things. Of course, there's a lot of facts in each of your bullet points, so I guess we could split hairs over just how many of them I know. So, which ones do YOU think I know?
You can't know that many...my Mom swore she only knew three...CREEPO!

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